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: Hugo Sinzheimer Institute for Labour and Social Security Law

The Hugo Sinzheimer Institute for Labour and Social Security Law (HSI) is a research institute of the Hans Böckler Foundation based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). In the spirit of Sinzheimer, the HSI cultivates an understanding of labour and social security law research that integrates different aspects and includes sociological, legal policy, international and comparative law elements. International law plays a special role, especially the Europeanisation of labour law.

The Institute's fields of work cover the entire field of labour law, with a focus on collective and international labour law, as well as related social security law. It does not only want to pursue fundamental questions and conduct research, but also to deal with topics of current and practical importance for employees, trade unions and works councils in general. It makes an active contribution to the legal policy debates and aims to make the discussion more objective with scientifically substantiated arguments. To this end, the HSI organises conferences and commissions expert opinions from renowned legal scholars. In addition, it participates in scientific and legal policy discussions by giving lectures, issuing statements, participating in various committees and workshops, and publishing its own papers.

The scientific staff of the HSI are:

  • Dr. Ernesto Klengel: Scientific director (commissioned)
    Teacher for Dismissal Protection Law and European Labour and Commercial Law at the European Academy of Labour
    List of publications
    Lectures on various topics
  • Antonia Seeland: Expert for labour and Social Security Law
    List of publications
    Lectures on various topics
  • Dr. Amélie Sutterer-Kipping: Expert for labour and Social Security Law
    Lectures on various topics
  • Dr. Thomas Klebe: Senior Research Fellow (former legal advisor of the German metallworkers' union IG Metall and founder of the HSI)
    List of publications
    Lectures on various topics

The activities of the Institute are accompanied by an advisory board consisting of renowned scientists and practitioners, chaired by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Manfred Weiss (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main).
The following English-language publications have so far appeared in the series and working papers of the HSI:

Another publication format of the HSI is the new HSI Report on European Labour and Social Security Law. The Report provides conveniently arranged and concise quarterly information on current proceedings before the CJEU and the ECtHR, which are of interest from a labour and social security law perspective. It is an extract from the German-language ‘HSI-Report zum Europäischen Arbeits- und Sozialrecht’, which was recently published in its new format in mid-May 2020 and which also includes political developments in the EU as well as in international labour and social security law. The report is edited by Prof. Dr. Johanna Wenckebach (Scientific Director of the HSI), Prof. Dr. Martin Risak (University of Vienna, Austria) and Prof. Dr. Daniel Hlava (expert for European social law at the HSI).

The reporting period of the first edition of the HSI Report refers to the first quarter of 2020. The Report can be obtained free of charge.

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